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The Broken Ground Band 1997

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Jerry Martin

Reno's Cleveland Texas
Jerry Martin-Doc Richards-Jason Allen-Larry Butler

JC's Club Conroe Texas
Donnie Presswood - Larry Butler - Jerry Martin


Worth Records


Jerry Martin

Texas & Nashville

Recording Artist

Jerry Martin was born in Houston Texas, into a musically talented family of Jerry & Sharon Martin. The oldest of seven children, Jerry’s interest in music started at the early age of 3. Jerry would sing for anyone, any place, at any time, such as church, school, or any place he could be seen or heard. His dad taught him to play guitar at the age of 8years old, By the time he was 20, Jerry and his 3 brothers were on the road playing across the country. They were known as The Texas Outlaw Band, being voted #1 band 3 times in the Tri - State area of New York, Connecticut, and Massachusetts. After touring for 7 years under contract with Playback Record ( Nashville )and opening for many artists such as: Diamond Rio, Billy Dean, Willie Nelson, Larry Butler, Little Joe, Brain Black, Keven Black and many others. In 1999 The Texas Outlaw Band went their separate directions. Since then Jerry has know formed a new and present band, Jerry Martin and The Broken Ground Band, and is now getting back to the roots of his music, the love being Texas Music.

Jerry Contacted me and we talked about the direction that his music career should take. After auditioning Jerry I took him into the recording studio and recorded his latest project. If you will take the time to listen to Jerry’s first release on Worth Records. ( Doing Me Bad Is Doing Me Good ) you will hear the good Texas sound of Jerry Martin. I personally believe that Jerry has a great future as a recording artist.

The Broken Ground Family

Kelly Martin
Backup Vocals

Buck Evans
Bass & Vocals

Rusty Rutledge

Joel Johnson
Lead Guitar & Vocals

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